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The ALS organizing staff would like to thank everyone who attended the Atlanta (Annual) Linux Showcase. For five years ALS was the place for the Linux Community to meet, learn what was going on, and to just plain have fun.

Unfortunatly due to economic events, the ALS organizing staff decided not to continue to the Event. ALS had a 5 year run that educated and entertained roughly 12,000 people from over 40 countries.  The momentum of the Linux movement and the hard work of many (Volunteers, Vendors, Speakers, etc) helped to carry ALS from 500 to 4000 attendees in 3 years!

Our special thanks go out to our exhibitors whose presence supported this community run event, our speakers for contributing to a top-notch program, and to the Linux Enthusiasts who volunteered so much time to make this show happen.

Finally we would like to thank the USENIX Association whose support and organization made it possible to host the ALS in 1999-2001.

Thank you all for your support,
The Atlanta Linux Showcase Organizers

The Atlanta Linux Showcase was a not-for-profit event organized by the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) Users Group, and the USENIX Association, with assistance from Linux International (LI).